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New Year's Resolutions?

Hah So here they come, despite me being so reluctant to put a finger to this belettered plastic. What can I say- this ain't provoked by some pivotal event- or I guess I hit a certain depth of boredom and self-disrespect. I didn't want to write any resolutions, really, because then I would actually have to consider attempting some of these attempts at self-improvement- and for a lazy kid like me- well, lets just say I'd rather stare at the wall.

Okeys here's the current countdown. Btw it's the start of the new 2011 year in Russian 'Old Style' calendar, so I haven't procrastinated with these. No, sir.

1. graduate from protozoa into a vertebrate. Be brave enough to differentiate between my own interests and that of others. get a bit of ruthlessness happening.

2. eat less cheese at work. resist snacking on this cholesteroley, fatty, salty substance!

3. follow through with what I start.

4. uni. enough said.

5. pursue something. eg. hobbies other than work

6. spend less time moping and feeling guilty

7. pay less attention to M's psychotic neurotic episodes.

8. read up on medicinal herbs (refer to 5. )

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