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If you consider it offensive to mention someone's skin colour, shape of the nose and eyes and hair colour.....ask yourself whether you are actually a racist and not the knight in politically correct armour.


Immature Pharmacy humour

Just feel like sharing one of the practice calculation questions I'm doing right now.

"You have 100g of Cocaine and Adrenaline Paste APF15 (containing 1 in 10 cocaine HCI).
You are required to make 200g of paste containing 1 in 4 cocaine HCI.
Assuming you use the contents of the 100g paste, how much additional cocaine HCI must be
added? "

My answer to "how much additional cocaine HCI must be added?" is this:

-It depends on how much the pharmacist wants to keep for him/herself in order to get high.


Originally posted by zina_korzina at Вопреканец.
  • Начнём с определения. Вопреканец - это физическое лицо, полагающее, что те или иные важные (великие) события в истории происходили вопреки действиям лиц, стоящих у власти и (или) имеющих давление на общество.
  • ...Мой Живой Журнал, а также моё сообщество nicholas_i время от времени посещают люди, свято верящие в то, что культура-наука в тоталитарных и вообще - в патерналистских обществах развивались не потому, что их направлял Палкин-Джугашвили (Буонапарте, Луи Каторззз, etc), а потому что отдельные великие умы действовали, вопреки оным. Ну, типа того, что победил народ, вопреки Сталину. Берия только мешал учёным создавать атомную бомбу. Или...Пулковскую обсерваторию построили в тайне от Николашки, который мечтал сварганить на этом месте ещё одну конюшню. В общем, смысл в этом - общество в тайне от своих душителей создаёт Золотой Век.

  • Виды вопреканцев. Вопреканцев в Сети и по жизни очень много, но лично мне попадались два стойких типа - антибольшевистские и антиниколаевские. Есть и так назваемый смешанный тип, который соединяет в себе полезные свойства обеих категорий. Итак...

    За Царя и Отечество! За Родину - за Сталина! )


Fear and Loathing- today's quote

 We had two bags of grass, seventy-
five pellets of mescaline, five
sheets of high powered blotter
acid, a salt shaker half full of
cocaine, a whole galaxy of multi-
colored uppers, downers, screamers,
laughers... Also a quart of tequila,
a quart of rum, a case of beer, a
pint of raw ether and two dozen

This is bat country, after all.


"I think wind turbines are beautiful"

(-David Cunnigham, Castlemaine, in todays 'The Age' )

The Sin of Living


As i sat in the final lecture for the day, doing my best not to pay attention to the sheer fascinating nature of Alpha-helices as part of receptor structure, I suddenly realised that i should want to make blini (first cousins of zee freench crepes) today.
In my mind's eye, I imagined their glistening golden exterior, slightly crunchy edges and yielding, slightly damp interior. For a second I was wrapped up in the idea of  warmth and their cosy deliciousness, their mild, doughey smell lingering close to my lips.
Enchanted, I turned to my friend and whispered:

-"I'm going to go home and make some crepes today"

His eyebrows crinkled; "aren't you going to feel guilty?",  he said, concerned. 

-"About what?" I naively asked back. 

"About the crepes" he intoned with a pained look in his eyes. 

"Oh" I laughed it off, "I'm just going to go for a run or something"

I betcha he thought "yeah, right skinny bitch". 

But why oh why is eating so scorned nowadays? Why is 'guilt' connected to the ingestion of edibles? Eating isn't that different from sleeping and breathing and is one of the compulsory things that we ought to do to remain alive and respiring on this beautiful planet.....

Oh yes, yes, I can see you all lunging at me with the clang of scientific research in hand, infuriated, self-righteousness blowing out of your flared nostrils. There's an OBSESITY EPIDEMIC!  FAT KILLS!  HEALTHY LIVING !  DIET!  LOOK SLIM!  LOOK HOT! GOJI BERRIES! CHOLESTEROL! HIGH GI ! LOW GI! NO GI! AVOID SUGAR! SAY NO TO GLUCOSE, DEXTROSE, MALTOSE, SUCROSE, FRUCTOSE AND ANYTHING THAT RESEMBLES SUGAR. BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW-


Nowdays eating is equated to adultery, a betrayal of the skinny body ideal, a cause for divorce from looking like anything but the human that you are and subsequent anathema and excommunication of the Holy PURGE AND EXERCISE Church. 

The ultimate sin is not lie to your brother, cheat on your spouse or steal and sell your company's secrets....even gluttonous consumption of synthetic non-recyclable trash that we buy cheaply and discard swiflty is little cause for scorn or reproach- afterall- what else is there to do on the weekend? The ultimate sin is Food.

Don't get me wrong, but I am not one for promoting reckless overindulgence in tubs of icecream and triple fries! The words 'atherosclerotic plaque' , 'venous thrombosis' and 'cardiovascular disease' are rather familiar to me, not only through family connection, but because I have worked in a pharmacy and I am studying to become a pharmacist  myself- in reality dedicating my life to dispensing 'statins', 'ols' and 'prils'   and telling people to get off their butts and going for a walk. 

Yes it is true that cardiovascular disease is not only high up, but further on the rise and is the leading cause of death/disease in Western countries. 

But it seems to me, that this witchhunt smacks too much of superstition, too much of cold-sweated paranoia. Food needs to be burned. Off.
.........For we all know that ridiculous fasting and extreme Food pickiness ("hmmm i've been worried about bananas...i think they are high in sugar" " This latte has XXXX kJ in it. In fact, it will take you 2 hours to walk it off") results in obsessive (and idolising) treatment of Food. 
Fasting and strictness ends in gorging and the excuses, which then give birth to guilt, purging and more bullshit. 

Its funny how Food became from a not-so-easy to obtain 'luxury' to a....dangerous temptation that one has to be always resisting, always outwitting, always 'burning off'.

It seems like we have nothing else to do but think about what we put in our mouths . Freud would have said that this is a case of Oral Sadism, a glitch that we couldn't get over in childhood, resulting in a nauseating crazy merry go round of Food Search, Food Guilt, Food Redemption and then Food Consumption, ending up in Food Guilt, Redemption, Search and again Guilt . 

Is this because as a society, we are so, so empty? So, so, lonely in the privacy of our individuality, so so far away from our family, from our community? We have our own rooms, eat our meals whenever/however we wish to eat them, our own private computers at hand and several televisions per house for the sake of convenience and personal pleasure. Our supermarkets are a utopian vision of shiny plastic and tasteless produce; pesticided, fertilized, mass-grown on fields sucked dry of nutrients.
No wonder we are getting sick and taking Vitamin D because a walk in the sunshine is 'inconvenient', 'too slow'. So is cooking. It apparently robs us of precious time ( beacuse its always easy to just reheat some frozen processed crap).  

But now let's stop for a second.

Take a deep breath in. 

Now go for a walk or clean your room or your house or your kitchen. Turn on some music. Do a little dance or sing along. 
Get over 'fat'. It is an essential molecule needed in your body- for your skin, for your brains, for the membrane of every cell. Proteins are essential as well; they build your muscles and act of neurotransmitter receptors. Carbohydrates provide you with sugar, which is crucial for every process in your body; sugar provides us with the energy for life and living. We need minerals and salts as well. Water too. 

Try eating some new type of vegetable or fruit or nut every week. Throw away the dumb magazines with their 'summer diets' . Find a book on human biology and physiology that you can read.  Learn about how your body functions and stop eating packaged cheap crap. Eat lots of good food. Take walks, runs, strolls, jogs and fire your cleaner- you can do the housework yourself and will probably use more muscle groups than on an average gym session. 




am thoroughly excited about this...first a resurrection of the decaying 'Pirate' genre, and now- a dusting off of the ole Western! Yeeha

"What water did Bloom, water lover, drawer of water, water carrier returning to the range, admire? Its universality, its democratic equality"

James Joyce 'Ulysses'

PotC 4 Spoilers, AWESOME spoilery video

Jack and Penelope Cruz's characters....an evening date?

Seems like a bit of a rerun of his a Lizzie's 'you want to taste it' saucy scene... with a little dance included!


Originally posted by daisyboy at Позор

Тут между делом выяснилось, что у Ю.Норштейна не хватает денег на то, чтобы закончить свою новую работу "Шинель". На государство в таких случаях, понятно, полагаться бесполезно, и люди подумали скинуться деньгами. Но ЖЖ–юзер gleza оказалась не ленива, и списалась с самим Норштейном. А он ответил вот так:

"…Юля, я не могу принять Ваше предложение о сборе средств на фильм "Шинель", в этом случае я чувствовал бы себя крайне неуютно. Но,если Вы хотите поучаствовать в фильме "Шинель", то у меня есть просьба: разместите, пожалуйста, в Вашем блоге информацию о продаже наших книг. Рекламы у нас, в общем, никакой, и поэтому дополнительная информация на Вашем блоге может способствовать привлечению покупателей"

Как выяснилось по субботам художник сам стоит за прилавком, что дает возможность получить книгу с автографом или даже рисунком автора.
размер 400x270, 24.09 kb

"Книги можно купить на нашей студии на Войковской, по адресу — 1–ый Войковский проезд, дом 16, корпус 1, подъезд 1–А, по субботам с 12 до 15 часов, Как правило, я сам в это время стою "за прилавком" и желающим подписываю книги. Для некоторых более обеспеченных покупателей я могу делать рисунки на форзацах книг"

(Карта проезда к нам на студию есть на нашем сайте http://norshteyn.ru/ в разделе "Снег на траве")

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